Delivery Health

Delivery Health デリバリーヘルス

Delivery Health

by Johannes Schonherr, April 2016

Delivery Health, or deriheru in Japanese shorthand, translates to sex delivery service or, in more polite words, escort service.

This is how it works: trawl the net or leaf through the back pages of Japanese porn magazines and look out for advertisements by Delivery Health agencies. Putting デリバリーヘルス into google will net you about 880,000 hits. Not all of them agencies but there are quite a few in the opening pages.

Then, check the location of the agency and its service area. The agencies work on a local basis and usually don’t send their working girls on long commutes.

Check the services provided, the pictures and short descriptions of the girls offered (their faces are often not visible in the online photographs) as well as, of course, the prices. In all these categories, the offers vary widely. From cheap to extremely expensive, from young and cute to mature MILFs, to dominas, to transvestites and transsexuals. Accordingly, the services also leave (almost) nothing to be desired. With one big exception: full intercourse. No legal agency will offer it. The prostitution laws are very strict in that regard.

Once you have made up your mind on what to order, call the agency. In most cases, you will have to call in Japanese although there are a few agencies with English-speaking operators. In zainichi-dominated areas such as Tokyo’s Shin Okubo, you will also find Korean agencies, specializing in visiting Korean businessmen (or anyone else interested in a spicy Korean lady).

Some of the Japanese and Korean agencies might not want to deal with foreigners, especially if their comprehension of Japanese is poor. As a foreigner, you might have to call quite a few agencies before you find one that will accept your order.

If you don’t speak Japanese at all or only very little, you are better off calling the agencies specialized in servicing foreigners right from the beginning.

Tell the operator what you like, how long the transaction will take (the charges will vary on the duration of the service), and confirm the price. Tell the operator the location where the delivery should take place. This can be a private home, a hotel (make sure that room guests are accepted) or a love hotel.

If you don’t have a specific love hotel in mind, the operator will direct you to one. Of course, you will pay the rental fee for the hours at the love hotel.

It might well be that the girl whose picture you saw on the agency website is not available. In that case, the operator will offer someone similar.

In many cases, you have to make another call to the agency shortly before the scheduled arrival time of the delivery girl to confirm your location and hotel room number.

At the agreed time, the delivery girl will appear on your doorstep. If you find her unacceptable for whatever reason, you can still send her away. It will most likely cost you a cancellation fee, however.

If you agree with her, you will have to pay her the agreed price before any action starts. The girl will then make a quick phone call to her agency to confirm her arrival and the reception of the payment.

She will then demand that you take a shower. Depending on your service plan, she might join you.

The main course follows the shower: the happy ending massage or whatever you ordered. If, in the heat of the action, you get additional ideas, she might charge additional fees to be paid once the transaction has been completed.

Remember, however: full intercourse is not on the menu.

The girl will be at your service for exactly the time you booked. Not a minute longer.

Before she leaves, she will make another call to her agency, confirming that everything went well and that she is on her way back.

Delivery Health services usually don’t run brothels / soaplands. They operate out of tiny offices staffed with only the operator. In some cases, the working girls wait at the office for calls, sometimes they are staying at home or elsewhere and spring into service once a demand has been made.

Many of the girls are part-time freelance workers though fully professional prostitutes are also in the business.

Movie tip: The 2015 film Kabukicho Love Hotel provides an intimate view at the inner workings of a (fictional) Korean Delivery Health agency in Tokyo Shin Okubo.

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